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MATTHEW ARIN ADAMS What is knowledge? It is to be informed; get acquainted about something; to have wisdom and understanding… We all pursue knowledge to avoid ignorance and the blindness of the mind. Why the question, ‘Knowledge without God?’ The human mind is made with capacity to probe or explore for the intent to unearth […]

No Substitute for God

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No Substitute for God Western civilization had all this while monopolized the most prominent place trying and hoping to give the world a new face. One can as well seem to accept the notion that without it, mankind would have remained static and apathetic. As we wander in our thoughts, whether or not we can […]


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Hope for the Needy TESTIMONY   MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH BOILING POINT GOSPEL CENTRE, JOS It is my joy to have a space in this wonderful edition of the ‘Spirit’s Voice’ to express my unreserved joyful experience I had with the ministry and the lessons I learned thereafter. Brethren, there is no doubt that I […]

For Hausa Readers

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For Hausa Readers Gwamnatin Allah Madaukaki Duk lokacin da aka yi zancen gwamnati, nan take tunaninmu ya kan koma ga irin gwamnatocin da ‘yan adam suke gudanarwa. Sai mu fara tunanin shugaban al’umma ko kasa, ko kuma sarkin gari, ko gwamnar jiha, da dai sauransu. Wadannan duka sun taso ne daga tsare-tsare ko kuma shirye-shiryen […]