“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that
overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.” (Rev. 2:11) kjv

We are God’s agents of His kingdom’s advancement. We are not only praying and fasting for God to move mysteriously, but we have such bountiful bold assurance that God’s word as the Spirit and
Life is very actively involved in our personal and co-operate ministries! This is what we refer to as an emergence of the decade of New Things!

“For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain.” (Is.66:22) kjv Also read: Is. 42:9; 43:19; 48:6;
64:4; 1Cor.2:9.

In our previous edition of the ‘Spirit’sVoice,’ this column carried this conclusion: ‘Christianity is not all about the church activities and self-gratifying programs we crave for; it is not all about the good music in church every Sunday morning; it is not all about the powerful worship services that take place in our so called sophisticated cathedrals we are boastful of them…’

In continuation to this, of course, Christianity is not only in our best choir performances; it is neither in a wonderful church committee or board of trustees or elders/deacons etc; it is never in the best creativity in youth, women, and children programs. Many church organizations are seriously engaged in business ventures in order to uphold relevance in society. There are many of such divergences which so many ministries have turned to in the bid to make impact in society. But none of these can take the place of the power of God by His Spirit.

It is a new dawn, a new light is setting in; brightening our spiritual understanding, and we can boldly declare to the entire body of Christ that it is no more church as usual. These are the days when people can quickly or easily and remorsefully denounce their denominational and/or ministerial affiliations for the sake Christ-like lifestyle and ministry.
In other words,      gone are the days when believers prefer to identify with some powerful men of God, they would give up everything in order to have the true knowledge of God all by themselves. The time had come when many had vowed to be called Christians as truly Christ-like, than bearing names and titles that have no eternal value! Many would soon reject any Christian materials that bear the logo of their ministry or church or the portrait of men rather than truly identifying with the lifestyle of the Lord Jesus.

We can make a long list of great surprises and miracles that must happen in order to restore and keep millions in spiritual liberty and glory in the body of Christ today. This trend had stolen the show because God’s keen interest in what must honor and please Him according to His word had overthrown all religious methods, propaganda, and initiatives or inventions in which mere mortals derive false pleasure in them.

The years of so long a toil, weeping, and distress in spiritual bondage must end. We declare God’s word by His Spirit to totally suspend the spiritual oppression against God’s chosen; we are causing the sinking or drowning deep into the ocean of obscurity the offensive mentalities and foundations of idolatry and rebellion against God and His Son Jesus Christ.  We are already aware of the repentant spirit in many ministers who had fallen into the quick sand of status quo; temped to remain in the mud of church as usual; and are becoming conscious of the several warnings they have received from God. They were certainly heading for shame and frustration in the year 2011, but God in His mercy had intervened and the refreshing wind of the Holy Spirit had overshadowed the atmosphere with the repentant conviction. Many must heed to the warnings of the Master in these crucial hour New Things!

Christianity that is fully prepared to be selfless for the advancement of God’s kingdom and of His Christ; the conscious knowledge of the end of hypocrisy is already here.

2011 marks the decade of crowning faithfulness and integrity with shining glory from above, but it also draws shamefulness and frustration closer to lousy and fraudulent ministries.

The era of the manifestation of the Truth over all manner of falsehood has come. People will experience so much liberty of faith to seek first the kingdom of God with the full knowledge that earthly and heavenly inheritances are tied together.

Boiling Point Gospel Centre – 2nd Quarter Update

We are very appreciative of the Lord’s His eternal mercy to find us faithful and worthy of His supernatural service to His own creation. (Rom. 8:19-22)

The testimonies lined up; all divinely arranged, are for the sake of God’s honor and His Kingdom advancement. (Is. 59:16-21)

The first quarter was dedicated to:

1.      Apart from the routine weekly prayer, outreaches and discipleship etc fellowships, we had about a week-long major and most rewarding remote rural evangelism and crusade at Bassa and environs in Kokona LGC of Nassarawa State.

2.     A fairly elaborate ‘Christ-like Service Scholarship Scheme’ to less privileged children in Nursery and Primary Schools; Secondary Schools; and majorly Polytechnic and University Students.

3.     Assistance to various small scaled trades, and other needy areas and families.

This Second Quarter, while still in mid-process had been a tremendous blessing because of His grace and mercy which had kept us zealously in the place of prayer longer than we had intended; and resultantly touching many lives in more than the following aspects:

1.     Financial and Gospel equipment/materials support to pastors and ministries.

2.     Food stuff, Audio Bible Public Outreach (Faith by Hearing) Equipment and Bible literatures, audio Bibles on normal cassettes and CDs etc to a fast growing Muslim Discipleship Training Centre being administered by Evang. Daniel Zagi, in a restricted home in Jos. It was confirmed by the
Evangelist that a number of the disciples were converted by our Faith by Hearing efforts. (This information is strictly confidential due to the sensitive nature of the ministry.) Keep praying for this ministry. To God be the glory!

3.     A prayerful but a free and liberal distribution of Bible materials including Audio Bible on normal cassettes and CDs; booklets and tracts during our usual Wednesdays and daily (for some fulltime staff) street, markets, alcoholics, and drug users, prostitutes etc locations. By His special grace, the so-called no-go-areas in Jos City had not been exempted by these regular visitations.

4.     Our weekly Faith by Hearing program on Radio FM Sarouniya in Maradi the commercial city of Niger Republic had been paid up to August 2011. Pray for Pastor Suleiman Garba Yusuf, the presenter.

5.     After our unusual June Closets, a number of revelations were given and decisions made thus:

The Centre’s Administration had taken a new shift; the modification of departments and designation of personnel to their departmental responsibilities. Only two persons are on full time employment, a majority are volunteers.

Before the period of prayers was rounded up, two of our pastors had the conviction to go for missionary outreach:

To Gambia by road via Niger-Burkina Faso-Mali- Sierra-Leone… He will be leaving on July 15th, 2011. He will be there for about six weeks.

The second person will be leaving next week Saturday to Niger Republic with specific instruction to visit the churches there for three weeks.

Another pastor, associate of the ministry; whose calling specializes on the emotionally challenged persons had received an invitation to visit five world nations alongside his foreign partners. Pray for the success of the visit.

There is a general urge for foreign missions borne of a sincere calling in the ministry; a very welcomed and praise worthy development that thrills our hearts with much joy what fervent prayer can bring. We are expecting more of us to find direction to various fields very soon. Pray that nothing hinders this noble spiritual course.

Another pastor, a former disciple of the ministry is now a missionary in Southern Sudan, his family is with us in Jos, being given necessary encouragement.

6.     We are trusting God for two major projects in the ministry, namely;

An Audio Bible Transmission Free Transportation Outreach.

Rehabilitation Mini Complex.

We believe that these two projects will serve as a direct Christ-like response to the severe effect of the insistent civil unrests and other repairable conditions facing the immediate environment of the ministry. Every little start of faith goes with divine enriching abundance.
Pray for a clear definition and administering of this prompting.

7.     By the special grace of God, after some time of family, the routine, and other outreaches; we will resume the intensive prayer programs which will include a nationwide believers’ quarterly closets   – 1st to 3rd Sept 2011. Official attendance of about 60 ministers and church workers.

8.     Ministry had resolved by God’s grace to visit other churches and or denominations next Sunday 26/06/11. We will close our Fellowship Centre that day to join the others in six churches/ministries who had consented to our request. Let’s pray for God to use us to make a little difference in these places. Amen!

Please continue to commit us in your prayers so that we will also continue faithfully in the abundant labours of joy in God’s vineyard. And thanks so much for your kindness to identify with what the Lord is doing here. You may wish to post this update to friends in committed faith.

Bless you, and Praise God. Amen!

We apologize to our teaming readers for our inability to have this edition on print as earlier expected, however we believe they can reach out to our site please. Below is the recent edition of this publication. We trust it will be a blessing to all.