I am Matthew Arian Adams an earthly indigene of Jos East Local Government Area of Plateau State of Nigeria. I was born in 1950 at Gwisti in the present Shere District but my parents were from Fobur District of the same locality. I attended Shere, Fobur, and Jarawan Kogi Primary Schools from 1949-1966; and attended Bauchi Teachers’ College from 1966-1971. I was a Primary School teacher at Ribina, Fadan Fobur, Army Children School Owode (Ogun State), and Ekan Fobur from 1971-1976.

Meanwhile, what forms an interesting part of this biography is an unspeakable testimony of the personal lifestyle I lived between1969-1973. I was born in a Christian home and was taught the Bible both in the Sunday School and all the schools attended. I grew up to know my parents to be Christian workers. So everything about me appeared to be Christian.

I had the water baptism; participated in the Holy Communion; and was in the choir, youth fellowship, boys’ brigade and other church activities within the period of my religious Christianity. But it was clear that my life was to be confronted by the storms and waves of numerous temptations which my religious Christianity could not handle.

When I was in form three, I started drinking, smoking both cigarette and marijuana and hard drugs. With time, I was seriously addicted to all! I came to realize that I was searching for something unique about this life which the church, unfortunately could not provide for me. It was all about knowing the Bible stories or the testimonies of Bible characters but could not testify of such realities in one’s personal life. Because of this spiritual deficiency or bankruptcy, the only option left for a young “Christian” like me then was a fake power pursuit; engaging in drinking, smoking, drugs and other forbidden pleasures!

The Lord’s Grace

As my spiritual life continued to deteriorate; the addiction to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, marijuana and sexual sin of all kinds surmounted; I was becoming a total disgrace to myself, my family and the community around me. It got to a point when if I was not intoxicated or ‘high’;

I could not go to the class to teach as a teacher; I would remain confined to the house or isolated; I was actually getting round the bend! I was ashamed of myself; my late dad would always come around to look at the state of this mess around me; that would make me further disgraced.

Since there was no solution proffered by the church; and in fact, I only constituted a high nuisance to everybody.  Within and without, I was under severe pressure; I wanted to get out of such mess, but since there were no positive answers, I was just bound to continue in bondage pretending to enjoy high life!

The tension mounted so high; I was pushed to the wall; I had to run away from home to Lagos where a dramatic change took place; but this was to become a temporary and challenging phase of my Christian testimony. (to be continued…)