The Spirit’s Voice

Kindly bear with me, my response to the ‘war against Islam’ may sound offensive to a host of our readers, partners or associates, but a bit of tolerance for further insight into the deep things of God (1Cor 2:10) may bear me out to the glory of God in Jesus’ Name!

While I fully agree with the suggestions and agitations of many people already posted on lots of opinion data and forums; these should be of meaningful concern and never a threat but rather a challenge for faith people – the CHRISTIANS!

We have all this while been victimized by one tiny sector of demonic operation. This to some extend was what informed the kind of Christianity that was introduced to a number of churches in Africa; in the bid to battle against Islam. Critically analyzed, and for obvious reasons too, the western colonialists, (probably in collaboration with missionaries) had some political interest in the African nations over and against the encroachment of the Arabian influence. Some strategies were necessary to protect and defend colonialism! (I do not intend to delve into political controversy, there is much serious focused task set before me attend to.)

One would have expected the home or local church in the black continent or wherever the gospel was needed; at the exit of the missionaries, to have been engaged in a thorough study of the Bible with an open attitude so that every aspect of the truth should have been spiritually articulated and sought to be applied to the daily Christian life!  As it is supposed, the church could not actually discover the orientation of God’s kingdom Christ came to set on earth.

Although we went to church based learning institutions, the orientation of God’s Kingdom was lacking. The content of Christianity preached to the early church (apart from the apostolic era) was rather politically induced than being strictly spiritual and Biblical!  Our people were enticed into a worldly political order characterized with bitter partisanship; where deception and fraudulence is the order of the day; and we should know where these all originated.

How can forgiveness, love and righteousness prevail in such a demonically arranged and unruly order?  Well, that is where the church had been entangled for so long now. And so, when we struggle or fight as ‘Christian’ politicians, we only do so under the influence or spirit of the same architect of falsehood!

How can we fight this battle with canal/ordinary weapons and conventional Christianity?  (2Cor 10:3-6; Eph 6:10-18; Col 2:13-15). When we speak of prayer, when will such conventional, religious, selfish and unforgiving prayers be answered? How can God move on our behalf when many of us deny or abuse His Spirit’s power to heal, deliver and save?

Well since we could not offer the Christ that reigns in power, many people have made dangerous choices of seeking for and resorting to powers from the world of darkness. And the spill-over is telling hard on the younger generation after us!

Certainly, time is over-due, the church must return to becoming God’s Government ministers than to continue on faulty foundations of world authorities! ‘If the foundation be faulty, what will the righteous do?’

If Islam was the most dangerous agenda from the Arab world, what can you say about the so many occult, witchcraft, and lots of heathen practices in Africa and the world over? What about drug, alcohol addictions and sexual perversion in our cities, localities and even the atrocities in our present day computer global community?

How can we stop the increasing so-called hospitality and leisure outfits around us, where God is never honored but the devil? Are you arguing that these are not working spots of stealing, killing and destruction? These could be more destructive than terrorism and the threats any religion could poise! My good people let us settle the home first before getting to the periphery.

We are not taught as Christians to be optimistic, but rather to exercise our faith in God; what is impossible with men is forever possible with God! The situation globally calls for revival in the church. Let God’s Word be taken serious than ever; let Christ’s ministry be strictly observed; and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit be appropriated by God’s people. No evil should be a threat to us. (Jn 16:33).

If Jesus delivered me from my former filthy and sinful lifestyle, He can still save any vilest sinner in every part of the world. I don’t care about the many mosques, shrines, hidden or secret demonic lodges and or other numerous temples of gods/goddesses world over; all these can transformed to suite the plan of God for humanity and none of them can withstand the move of God by His Spirit as promised in Joel 2:22-32; Acts 2.

Since God gave His Son for us, what else would be too hard for Him to offer to whosoever believes in Him?  Time will certainly tell, as the Lord tarries, as evil increases, our faith will surely not fail until we witness the end time blessings too! AMEN!