In 1981, a church band which was later to be known as” The New Life Singers” was formed by the Pastor of the plateau-rockschurch. This group became zealous for evangelistic outreaches. It later expanded and many young believers from different denominations joined it.

Due to this expansion, the name was changed to “The Newlifers” that is, those who propagate the New Life. The compelling urge to raise the spiritual standard of members came with various challenges which led to dispersion.

This turned out to be a blessing, (because there will always be increase in splits whether or not they come with healthy competition). As a result of the diffusion, many music groups and evangelistic teams sprang up to the glory of God. With time, to be precise, between 1994 to 1996 the group slimmed to only four members, namely:  Randi O. Yusuf;  Steven Awang; NaAllah Mutbam; and Matthew Arin Adams. On December 2, 1996; during an all–night prayer session, the group agreed and resolved to be an independent ministry. This decision was met with strong feelings of uncertainties, fears within; and fierce opposition and persecution without. Many of us did not understand what God was up to at that time.

The challenges mounted higher and higher each time we made attempts to raise the standard of our God’s given aspirations and or expectations. Although at certain points, there was increase in membership and attendance, but this kept fluctuating from time to time. And eventually the other founding members left, leaving Rhandi O. Yusuf and Matthew Arin Adams with their families. Amazingly and to the glory of God many more families have joined the ministry.

From “Newlifers” we were later known as Total Gospel Assembly. But at the point of registration with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (8th October 2008);  “Boiling Point Gospel Centre”  became the divinely ordained title of the ministry.